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Submissions are welcome

We enthusiastically welcome music submissions from creators and labels who think their music may fit into this very unusual show. It's quite eclectic, so don't fret if you're not sure, just be aware that Phantom Circuit is particularly keen to play music that is evocative and out of the ordinary.

On this page...

How to submit your music

It's very easy but please READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY.

These commonplace requirements help streamline production of this 100% free show. Thank you for your co-operation.

  1. The audio tracks must be MP3 format only. *1
  2. The MP3s must, of course, be correctly tagged to show artists, track titles and album title. *2
  3. Send only one single download link for the whole album/EP. *3
  4. Send the link (URL) to *4

*1 If you use m4a that's fine too. But no WAVs, FLAC, sheet music...
*2 Fundamental stuff.
*3 For example, a 20-track album should be downloadable as just one file, not 20. This rules out Soundcloud for our purposes.
*4 Sorry there's no longer a convenient email link to click on but it turned out that such links attract too many people who click instead of reading. You can blame them and their invalid submissions. Copy and paste works!

Thanks again. Your interest in the show is appreciated.

Your Questions Answered

"Will my music be played?"... "How can I find out when my music has been played?"... Please see the FAQ page.

Permission to play

When you submit music to Phantom Circuit, you are giving permission for that music to be included in editions over the Web, radio, podcast or other platforms it may use, with no consequent payment required from you to Phantom Circuit nor from Phantom Circuit to you.

When a platform used by the show collects playlist information for their own royalty payment arrangements, Phantom Circuit endeavours to supply this information to assist but has no financial interest or obligation in such arrangements.