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Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out about new editions of the show?

You can get news direct from this site using RSS

Follow the blog/news section of this site effortlessly by using RSS. The RSS feed address is feed://

If you use the Web often and do not use RSS, you really are missing a trick. For more information about RSS, see this article and see its follow-up.

Follow on Mixcloud to get emails

Follow Phantom Circuit on Mixcloud to receive automatic emails from Mixcloud whenever a new show has been uploaded. Just use the big "follow" button on that page.

Social media

Current choices are VK, Instagram and Twitter. For various reasons, social media sites such as these are far from the best option if you want to follow Phantom Circuit. Such services feel no accountability to individual users and there is no guarantee that posts will be shown to you. Social media accounts will be updated whenever possible but due to limitations of the platforms these cannot be guaranteed.

How can I listen to Phantom Circuit?

These days, Phantom Circuit is first heard on Beachy Head Radio. Soon after first broadcast, Phantom Circuit is made available for "on demand" listening on Mixcloud.

Visit Phantom Circuit on Mixcloud and use the Follow button to receive regular updates from Mixcloud about the show.

You can also choose an edition from the full list on this site's Listen Now section, which also offers full playlists.

Why can’t I download the shows instead of streaming them?

This is for copyright compliance. Shows are streamed via MixCloud, which has a licensing arrangement with the Performing Right Society for streaming only. Downloadable podcasts would require a different licensing arrangement (or the removal of nearly all the commercially released tracks) so someone would have to pay for that. Streaming means that Phantom Circuit can bring you a wide range of music for free.

Can I skip forwards and backwards through a show’s audio?

You can skip forwards through the audio in Mixcloud's audio players, however, with effect from October 2019, Mixcloud no longer allows listeners to skip backwards through audio unless they are paying subscribers to its service.

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How can I send my music to Phantom Circuit?

There is a page just for you!