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Features and Highlights

In addition to its regular selections of remarkable music, Phantom Circuit has featured interviews with, or exclusive recordings by, a wide variety of innovative artists and otherwise interesting people. Most previous shows can still be heard via streaming audio: see the full list of shows for summaries and listen to your choice.

Interviews, live music and sessions

Phantom Circuit has featured exclusives from Linear North, Man of Arun, Swartz et, Swansither, The Creeping Man, The Gaye Device, Wóma, Ryan Huber, Heavy Cloud, Petridisch, Letters from Mouse, Forest Robots, The Night Monitor, Covolux, Repeated Viewing, Crows Labyrinth, Paul Nagle, Jodie Lowther, Eastern Fear Ritual, Eric Random, Toxic Chicken, Godmouth + Dim Red Glo, Elizabeth Joan Kelly, Whettman Chelmets, Daniel J. Williams, Simon Heartfield, Mr Slater’s Parrot, Kieran Mahon, Werdwolfen, Sheer Zed, Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire, Wrangler), Wizards Tell Lies, Midwich Youth Club, D.N.P, Quimper, Eccentronic, Ikue Mori, Maja Ratkje, Ola Szmidt, Leonardo Rosado, AGF, Tetsuo Kogawa, Philip Jeck, Lee Gamble, Black Forest Orchestra, Sian Macfarlane’s Swallows, Mick Flower, Z’ev, Islaja, Keith Seatman, Gurdonark, Allie Moss, Kirill Platonkin, Matmos, Peter Gregson, People Like Us, Ergo Phizmiz, Origamibiro, Sculpture, Hiromichi Sakamoto, Pram, Sarah Angliss / Spacedog, Harrys Gym, Esben and the Witch, Mutate, The Octopus Collective, Daidono, Hildur Guðnadóttir, Yantantethra, Shengi, Claire Marshall’s Cheyenne, Doors to Nowhere, Thee Moths, Silver Apples, Charlemagne Palestine, SouthBank Gamelan Players, (Péron and Diermaier’s) Faust, Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle, Carter Tutti), John Richards / Dirty Electronics Ensemble, Miss Hypnotique, Mr. Underwood, Joanna Quail, Matt Howden / Sieben, Jim Jupp (Belbury Poly), Julian House (The Focus Group), Moon Wiring Club, Fonik, Clutter, Goblin, Cousin Silas, Nash the Slash and more.

This is a partial list! See the full list of shows and stay tuned for more…