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About Phantom Circuit

An Introduction to Phantom Circuit

Phantom Circuit is the programme of strange and wonderful sound waves.

Since October 2008 Phantom Circuit has promoted and supported music that is alien, electronic, exotic, essential… plus familiar objects viewed from unusual angles… All of it is worth a try, so we hope you will listen in.

Do not be concerned by the presence of atmospheric disturbances, electronic voice phenomena and mysterious signals: these are all integral parts of the Phantom Circuit.

The Music of the Phantom Circuit

Categories are at best only a rough guide when it comes to the most interesting music, but listeners to Phantom Circuit receive an always unpredictable blend of some of the following loose genres: experimental music, dark ambient, sound experiments, post-industrial electronics, outsider pop, atmospheric folk, vintage synthesiser innovations, world music, off-world music… and what ever else the circuits bring forth. So you could call Phantom Circuit experimental music radio, but with a strong emphasis on the musicality.


Phantom Circuit was first heard on 2nd October 2008, on a short-lived Internet radio station in Birmingham. In April 2010 the programme was relaunched using the Mixcloud streaming service. Previously broadcast shows were uploaded too and you can listen to nearly all past editions of Phantom Circuit.

From March 2016, Phantom Circuit was heard on Resonance Extra and Mixcloud, with selected additional coverage on other radio stations and audio streaming platforms. In November 2019, Phantom Circuit ceased collaborating with Resonance Extra.

From January till June 2020 Series 6 ran exclusively on the dependable platform of Mixcloud.

Series 7 commenced on 21 October 2020 in the first broadcast of Beachy Head Radio and, after a short break, the show returned with Series 8, which continues there to this day.

There have also been manifestations of Phantom Circuit in the broadcasts of Resonance FM, WFMU, and Seance Radio. Here are some ways in which you may have heard the show’s strange emanations.

Spectral appearances of Phantom Circuit

Series First heard First broadcaster Repeat broadcasters
1 October 2008 – January 2009 Rhubarb Radio (w) Mixcloud (p)
2 March - August 2009 Rhubarb Radio (w) Mixcloud (p)
3 April 2010 – December 2014 Mixcloud (p), Resonance FM (x) (s, w), WFMU (f, s, w)
4 April 2015 – January 2016 Mixcloud (p) Resonance Extra (d, s, w)
5 March 2016 – November 2019 Resonance Extra (d, g, h, t, w, y),
Resonance FM (d, f, s),
Seance Radio (z)
Mixcloud (p, r)
6 January - June 2020 Mixcloud (p) -
7 October 2020 - February 2024 Beachy Head Radio (m) Mixcloud (b, p)
8 From April 2024 Beachy Head Radio (m) Mixcloud (b)

b: on-demand stream from the Beachy Head Radio section of Mixcloud (from December 2022).
d: DAB or DAB+ radio.
f: FM radio.
g: scheduled stream from
h: scheduled stream from
m: scheduled stream via
p: on-demand stream from the Phantom Circuit section of Mixcloud (till December 2022).
r: on-demand stream from the Resonance Extra section of Mixcloud.
s: Selected shows.
t: scheduled stream from
w: scheduled stream from the radio station’s own Web site.
x: guest mix originally broadcast in ‘Exotic Pylon’ on Resonance FM.
y: scheduled stream from
z: guest mix originally broadcast in ‘Secret Self’ on Seance Radio.